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Hjchem provides a solution for every stage of your chemical processing journey.

Welcome to Hjchem

Nanjing Hjchem company provides a solution for every stage of your chemical processing. We work together various chemical researchers to process and manufacture chemicals from laboratory to pilot plant and production scale.

Our experienced systems are designed for different chemical processes and applications, such as reaction, filtration, evaporation, distillation, drying and temperature control. 

Main products include jacketed glass reactor, agitated glass nutsche filter, glass scrubber, freeze dryer, spray dryer, temperature control unit and so on.

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Professional chemical processing equipment supplier

We have been expanding our experience in the chemical processing equipment manufacturing for the past decade, contributing to better and more advanced solutions for processing development .

About us

Our goal is to provide the first-class equipments and excellent service to our customers all over the world.

We supply all equipments with reasonable prices and real-time support upon our own production line, professional experience, and high-quality supply chain. 

At present, thousands of complete sets of our equipments are in operation all over the world. 


Nutsche Filter

How to choose a suitable reactor for your SPPS synthesis ?

Published on 18th March 2024

Nanjing Hjchem company, we are committed to customizing and optimizing solid-phase peptide synthesis equipment for you. How to choose a suitable peptide synthesizer?We usually consider the following aspects